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State-of-art 3D technology to give shape to any idea

3D printing technology is revolutionizing the way we conceptualize manufacturing processes. Engineers, researchers, architects, and other professionals now can go from an idea to a working prototype or even final product in a matter of hours. With 3D printing, manufacturing processes gain in flexibility and cost efficiency with a considerable reduction of human involvement.

Short introduction

The iCubed4 3D Print Execution System (3D PES) allows design engineers to import digital 3D models from a variety of standard applications and print them using a variety of standard industrial robots.

After importing a 3D model, the system will automatically cut the needed print layers, calculate the optimum print route as well as print material consumption and other important parameters, and feeds the required work commands directly into the logic controller of the robot.

Our applications can be used with a multitude of different industrial robots. By default, we are supporting certain models of Kuka, ABB, and Nobot with operating radius from 70cm to 250cm.

It is also possible to split a print job between two or more robots for unlimited printing size. Besides calculation of the robot's movements and material consumption our system also manages the print material feeding system on the robot arm.

We are adding new robot models frequently and are continuously extending functionality of 3D PES!


Printing on industrial robots is by far more accurate, faster, and consumes less space than on traditional frame-type 3-axis printers.

No limitations in print size - two or more robots respectively a robot mounted on rail-systems allows to achieve basically endless print object sizes.

Less limitations in print object design – industrial robots, compared to traditional 3 axis 3D printers, offer 4 or more axis which in the future allows for printing of more complex shapes in less time. Think of furniture, wall decoration, small homes and cabins, car prototypes.

In addition to printing, the robot can be used for other processes, like surface treatment or assembling. Also, those features can - up to a certain degree - be realized with our software solution.

Robots as well as 3D printing are forming a basis for smart manufacturing – bringing both together utilizes the advantages of both.

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