Cloud-based data collection and integration platform

DataCube makes it easy to collect, visualize and analyse your production big data in real time.


Get transparency in your production, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs!


Fast implementation within just a few weeks

Available on a subscription basis - no capital expenditure, pure operational expediture

Highly secure data storage in our enterprise cloud

Data collection from machines with PLC as well as from sensors

Manual data entry by workers via operator interface

Visualization of machine and production data in graphical and report form

OEE, SPC, and several other reports available by default

Web-based - easily accessible from anywhere in the world via PC, tablet, smartphones.


Optional features

Upgrade of older machines with sensors or PLC (in case no PLC is available)

Integration with other systems (e.g. MES, ERP)

Additional report and data visutalization as required

Data storage in private / local datacenter

Fast Results

Go-live in just a few weeks

Clear transparency in machine utilization and worker performance

How it works

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