Subscription-based cloud MES

It's no news that, to stay competitive, industrial companies need to become "digital". A smart factory is a networked factory, in which data from supply chain, design teams, production lines, and quality control are linked to form a highly integrated intelligent manufacturing system.


ME - SaaS stands for Manufacturing Execution System as a Service. It is provided to you on a subscription basis which means no large IT investments, no need to hire your own IT staff, and no data centre is required. All you need is a computer with internet connection.



Fast implementation in just a few weeks

No large investments in IT required

Autonomy to operate after receiving training

Tailored to the needs of small and medium companies

No need for IT staff or a server room

Possibility to integrate with your current ERP and warehouse management system

Fully managed and securely hosted in the enterprise cloud

No capital expenditures - pure operational expenditures

Web-based and easy to use

Proven technology from Europe

Modular and scalable – you only pay for what you need, when you need it


The path to intelligent manufacturing

Full transparency in the shop floor

Lower inventories and increased on-time delivery rate

Automated purchasing process

Increased utilization of workforce and machines

Easy cooperation with subcontractors

Reduction of machine downtime

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